Motorcycle Jacket By Joe Rocket

Joe Rocket Phoenix Men’s Mesh Motorcycle Jacket Review

When you are thinking about riding during the hot summer months, chances are that you have thought about simply going out with just a t-shirt on. I know that I have. Who wants to put on a jacket when it is above 80 degrees. However, as you know it is important to make sure that your upper body is protected whenever you ride your motorcycle.

So, you are left with the dilemma of finding a high quality lightweight motorcycle jacket that is comfortable and provides you with the protection that you need when you are riding on that fine summer day.

Joe Rocket is a well known manufacturer of mesh motorcycle jackets. The latest offering from the company is the Phoenix 5.0 men’s mesh motorcycle riding jacket. Let’s take a look at what this jacket has to offer.

About the Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0 Mesh Motorcycle Jacket


  • Free Air poly mesh shell
  • Rock Tex reinforcement at elbows, shoulders, and ribs
  • ​Removable spine pad
  • ​Waterproof liner that can be removed
  • ​6 point custom adjustment system
  • ​2 outer hand warming pockets
  • Internal breast pocket
Orange Mesh Jacket By Joe Rocket


The Phoenix mesh motorcycle jacket from Joe Rocket is a great mesh jacket for wear during the warmer weather months. This jacket has been designed with comfort and breathability in mind. It is made of a lightweight material that has reinforcement in the shoulder, rib, and elbow areas.

When you are wearing the Phoenix 5 it is really like wearing nothing at all. In fact, when you wear this jacket during the hot summer months and the wind blows through it, a hot summer day will feel more like a cool spring or fall day.

Zippers, Vents And Pockets

The Phoenix 5.0 has two external hand pockets that are equipped with YKK zippers. The pockets on the jacket are not waterproof and have a mesh fabric lining. On the inside of the jacket there is a key chain hook holder and also a covered slash pocket that is labeled with sunglasses.

Different Colors

All of the zippers are YKK and well designed and durable. The jacket is made from mesh so it is well ventilated throughout.

Detachable Liner

This jacket also comes with a detachable liner that is waterproof. It is easy to use as it simply attaches to the inside of the sleeve cuffs using a snap at the neckline and zippers that connect it to the shell of the jacket. The liner is small enough so that you can carry it with you if you are caught out on a cool or rainy night.

Armor And Padding

The Joe Rocket Phoenix mesh motorcycle jacket comes with CE rated shoulder and elbow protectors. The jacket also has a decent back protector. The protector for the back is stated to be a spine protector and it can be removed and replaced with a better CE rated protector.

The material over the shoulder and elbow areas is made from a nylon Cordura material that should help the jacket slide instead of catch if you happen to fall. However, the company does not make any claims about this fabric.

Pros And Cons

As with any type of motorcycle jacket there are going to be some good and bad things to consider. Here are some of the pros and cons of the Joe Rocket Phoenix mesh motorcycle riding jacket.



Huge air flow

Baggy fit


Zippers do not have locking pulls

Back protector included               

Sleeve adjusters are not well made

What Others Say?

There are currently over 260 reviews of this jacket on Amazon. The average rating of these reviews is overwhelmingly positive. This is a really high rating for a motorcycle jacket of any type.

Most people who have purchased this jacket are very happy with everything about it. They love that it is very lightweight and provides them with protection when they are riding in warmer weather.

One issue that people have with the jacket is the sizing. Unlike some of the other motorcycle jackets that are available and run small, this jacket actually runs a bit big. Most people have found that they need a size smaller than they normally wear as this jacket is a bit baggy.

Another problem is with the zippers. There have been several complaints about the zippers on the jacket not lasting very long.


When you are riding your motorcycle in the hot summer months you still want to make sure that you have the protection of wearing a motorcycle jacket. However, you do not want to wear anything heavy as you are going to get very hot and not want to ride for very long.

This mesh jacket from Joe Rocket is the answer to your problem. The jacket was specifically designed with the hot summer months in mind. The mesh material is very breathable and allows the wind to get through to your skin while you are riding in the hot summer sun. In addition, there is a waterproof liner that can be attached for when the night turns cooler or if you get caught out in the rain.

Overall, this is a very good motorcycle jacket for the price. There are some issues with the way it fits and you may need to try on a size or two smaller than you normally wear in order to find the right fit for your body, but overall, this is a good quality jacket that will provide you with the protection that you need while you are riding your bike during the summer months.

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